Ethical Issues Facing the Advanced Practice Nurse

After reading/ listening to the course material, please take a moment to reflect upon an ethical issue in advanced practice nursing that you may encounter in your future practice.  Examples could include:  whether or not you continue to provide care for pediatric patients who do not vaccinate, the ethical obligation to be a good steward to antibiotics, how to weigh the risk vs. benefit of an in person vs. telehealth visit, the ethics of elective c-sections, the ethics of dismissing a patient based on no-show rate,  or if vulnerable caregivers should still be asked to continue to serve their patients in times of a health care crisis.  You may choose ANY ethical dilemma that comes to mind or one of the examples.  Write a brief reflection (approximately 200 words) describing your ethical dilemma and then list the resources or ethical principles you would use to help you come to reach a decision about this ethical dilemma.  

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