Ethan’s Case Study

Ethan comes to you for advice. Ethan is 27 years old, and he just found out that his 21-year-old girlfriend, Olivia, is pregnant. Olivia has aspirations of becoming a cardiologist one day; therefore, she wants to place her baby for adoption.

Ethan wants to parent the child. Olivia and her parents would prefer that the baby be adopted by a married couple because they would be mature enough to handle the responsibility of child-rearing.

They live in the state of Washington. In constructing your answer please answer the following questions:

Review the following statutes of the state of Washington and answer the questions below:

Rev. Code Wash. (ARCW) §§ 26.26A.100, 26.26A.115, 26.26A.205, 26.26A.405, 26.33.160, 26.33.170

1) What are Ethan’s rights, if any, in this situation? Outline the steps Ethan would go through in order to exercise his rights in this situation.

2) Contrast Ethan’s rights with Olivia’s rights. In your conclusion, speculate what the likely outcome should be in this case. Be sure to cite relevant statutory law for each conclusion.

You can answer each question in two to three paragraphs. You do not need an IRAC-style essay. You do NOT need any case law. You can answer each question based solely on the statutes listed above.

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