Equality and Diversity

Staff at the Equality and Diversity event need to be reminded of the centre’s monthly Online Newsletter.

Write a feature article which
• Gives a description of how Person-Centred Practice is used to support individuals accessing health and social care services (B2 3.2). Include all the information from the following:
• Informed choices
• Tailored communication
• Dignity and respect
• Consent
• Risk management
• Care planning
• Describes how the Health and Social Care practitioner contributes to inclusive practice, using examples to support your description (D3 1.3), use at least four from the following:
• Access to services
• Person-centered practice
• Information and advice
• Manage risk
• Knowledge of individual beliefs, culture, values, needs and preferences.
• Promoting rights
• Value diversity
• Describe two different approaches used to challenge discrimination (C2 2.2), use from the following:
• Strategy
• Communication
• Reporting
• Whist blowing
• Modelling
• Training
• Support your answer with a brief case study

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