Entry into Foreign Market

Read the scenario below and respond to the subsequent questions. Before attempting to complete the task, it is essential that you carefully review Chapter 14. I expect that you will perform a thorough research to support your opinion. Your paper must be formatted as a business report.
Scenario: Foreign Market Entry Decision for an American Multinational Company (MNC)
Ms. Marlene Cook, an American CEO of a MNC, sits next to you on the plane as you travel to the Bahamas for a holiday. She is pleased to learn that you are an international business student and that you are interested in working for a multinational company after your graduation. She becomes interested in hiring you if you can demonstrate your expertise as a potential consultant for a project involving the launch of a new business in Pakistan. Her company has recently developed a groundbreaking state-of-the-art CAD-based manufacturing platform for designing and weaving premium quality wool carpets for high-end customers globally. The design of this technologically advanced platform is protected by a number of U.S. patents. Ms. Cook is requesting that you provide a recommendation on how to expand her business into Pakistan. The options she provides to you are: (i) to export the platform from the U.S. manufacturing facility to Pakistan, (ii) to license a Pakistani company to produce and market the CAD (software) system in Pakistan, Asia, and other global markets, and (iii) to establish a wholly owned subsidiary of the MNC in Pakistan for this purpose.
Your tasks:

  1. Examine Chapter 14 of the course text, giving special attention to the three foreign market entry alternatives outlined by the American company’s CEO. In this assignment, you are expected to demonstrate the capacity to grasp the relevant theory and then use your theoretical knowledge of the modes of international business entry in a practical setting. You will also demonstrate your ability to provide a broad overview of the local market conditions in general, as well as the situation with carpet (rug) production and exporting.
  2. I anticipate that you will relate all of your responses to the situation presented in the case, as opposed to providing textbook-style responses. Therefore, you should complete the necessary research, identify and evaluate the pros and cons of each option, and select the best of the three alternatives for Ms. Cook.
  3. Get familiar with the Business Report format. Some useful examples are provided by the University of Nevada, University of Newcastle (pdf), Avondale University (pdf), and career development resources, such as indeed.com. Ensure that you consult multiple sources to gain a deeper understanding of the format.
  4. Prepare a 7–8-page business report (approximately, 1,750 words, not counting the title page and the list of references, Times Roman or Arial, font 11-12, double-spaced) in which you present your analysis and a recommendation to the CEO of the American company. You may consider the report to be the most important part of your job application because it demonstrates your knowledge and skills.
  5. Format and proofread your report, use APA style for references, and submit by the due date.
    Several considerations that must be taken into account in order to examine the situation and make your solutions sound credible to the client. As a consultant, you can make assumptions on the following aspects:
    • What is the nature of the product: a computerized CAD system comprised of cutting-edge high technology. The CAD system that this business intends to market in Pakistan is comprised of two important components: the hardware, which is a sophisticated weaving machine, and the software that designs the carpets and controls the weaving machine.
    • How vital is it to prevent illegal copying of patents and technologies? How valuable is the company’s intellectual property? What is the situation with the protection of intellectual property in the target country?
    • How does the cost of transportation may affect your decision?
    • The U.S. is the current manufacturing location. How does this country’s manufacturing sophistication compare to that of the target nation?
    • What characteristics define the target market: What are the respective business obstacles between the two nations? Demand? Supply? Economic development? Cultural differences? Legal system for resolving disputes? Patent protection laws or law enforcement? Availability of skilled engineers and workers? Are there relevant agents or partners available?
    The examination of the aforementioned variables will enable you to compose an outstanding report for Ms. Cook. The World Bank’s Doingbusiness.org resource is an excellent starting point for locating relevant data for this case study.
    For more details on how assignments are evaluated, please refer to the General Instructions for Written Assignments and the Writing Assignment Rubric.

General Instructions for Written Assignments

Written assignments are intended to test your understanding of important concepts and discover how to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application. Working on written assignments will allow you to describe, explain, and analyze the course textbook and other sources more deeply. Please let me to call your attention to a few requirements that are particularly important for the written assignments.
Format, Length, and Timeliness
Business students must learn how to write essays, memos, case analyses, research reports, executive summaries, and more. In this course, you will write a business memo, a position paper, and a business report. Thus, the written assignment will require you to learn and use the required format.
Recommended length is another requirement. The paper should demonstrate that you’ve researched and examined the topic completely. Each assignment has a word minimum. Please note that 300 words corresponds to one page when double-spaced. (You may use the Word Count feature located under Review tab in MS Word). However, don’t oversize your paper. The paper must be concise and answer the research question(s).
Finally, submit your papers by the deadline according to the Course Schedule. If requested in advance, a case-by-case extension may be granted, but it may lower your grade.
Task Completion
Each written assignment includes a series of tasks on how the activity should be carried out. For instance, you may be required to review a specific source, or make an assumption, or familiarize yourself with a particular format. I anticipate that you will strictly adhere to these guidelines.
When going through the tasks, hunt for research questions that your paper must answer. For instance, you can be requested to describe, inspect, explore, explain, or analyze anything (a process, a situation, a relationship, etc.). In addition, you may be needed to identify, contrast, or evaluate several problem-solving strategies and make insightful recommendations. Your responses should demonstrate a solid grasp of the dynamics of the challenges and concerns and how they relate to international business. I assume that you will address all of the questions posed in your paper.
I anticipate that you will attentively read the chapter(s), take notes, learn new knowledge, and apply it to your response. I am very much interested in your perspective on the subject, but only if it is substantiated. In other words, your opinion (conclusion, recommendation) should be well informed and based on a critical analysis of the textbook, other relevant and reliable sources, and relevant practical experience. This is how you can demonstrate your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Theoretical Knowledge
Ideally, you should be able to demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the material, as well as the ability to synthesize it and draw insightful conclusions, as this is an advanced course. I anticipate that you will identify relevant assumptions, theories, and facts, analyze and evaluate them where appropriate, and use them to develop and support the paper’s arguments. It is essential that you employ correct professional terminology and new theoretical concepts in your paper (you may find them at the end of each chapter in your textbook). Please avoid lengthy citations and write in your own words.
Research Skills
The content must be well-researched. You should supplement information from the course text with at least 4-5 additional resources. This will demonstrate your ability to find, evaluate, and incorporate new information into your existing knowledge base, as well as your comprehensive understanding of the course material. Reliable(credible, dependable, authoritative) sources include scholarly, peer-reviewed articles and books, trade and professional publications, well-established newspapers. Some sources, such as websites, blogs, and articles in Wikipedia, may or may not be reliable. Internet-wide “sources” to avoid include paper mills, political websites, YouTube, non-peer-reviewed articles and books, and some others.
Please be sure to appropriately cite your sources in the body of the paper and in the list of works cited using APA format.
Academic Writing
Your writing demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of the content. Your work must be written at an advanced college level and organized appropriately.
I assume you are familiar with the essentials of academic writing. The paper should provide a comprehensive analysis and synthesis of concepts, as well as evidence of original thought and support for the topic. Coherence and logical organization, with transitions between ideas and paragraphs to generate coherence, are the characteristics of writing at the advanced level. It must be clear, concise, grammatically correct, and free of misspellings, grammatical errors, and other mistakes.
As each of the written assignments in this course has a certain format, I expect you to develop your paper according to the assignment’s requirements, including the genre of writing, the structure, and the necessary elements.
Academic honesty
You should get familiar with Empire State’s policies on academic honesty. Plagiarism is a very serious issue and will not be tolerated.
Additional Resources
Here are several resources that can help you successfully complete written assignments:
• Empire State’s Library and Research Resources takes you to the online Library’s home page with links to many database resources and other library services. Please do not hesitate to ask the librarians for assistance; they are here to help!
• The Empire State Online Writing Center provides writing resources, guidance, and assistance. Don’t be afraid to seek out a coach or tutor if you feel you’re struggling with your writing. Especially if your professor has stressed the need of improving your academic writing skills.
• There are many open educational resources available on the Internet for online students that you may find to be instructive and valuable for your success in this and other courses. For instance, some business schools produce and disseminate Writing Guides (pdf) to help students better prepare for written assignments. Other educational institutions provide Editing Checklists to ensure that the work you are about to submit meets all standards.
• In this course, we adopt APA (American Psychological Association) Style which is most commonly used to cite sources in the social sciences. The following resources, compiled according to the 7th edition, offer examples for the general format of APA research papers, in-text citations, endnotes/footnotes, and the reference page:
o Purdue Online Writing Lab
o UNC APA Guide

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