Energy Supply in Different Countries

  1. I believe the reason that we need to select our country is because different countries have different power and gas efficiency. A country that has better electric efficiency in general will have less carbon footprint than on that is less efficient. Going by this logic, it makes a lot of sense that our carbon footprint is hugely relevant to which country we are taking this test on.
  2. Honestly, I believe my result has an error, for home energy & appliances. I believe most of my answers would result in my carbon footprint in this category to be average or lower, but instead it ends up being more than double somehow. This category aside, I have less than average on all the rest. Since I rarely eat 3 meals a day, I naturally have low carbon footprint in food category. I also don’t buy things too often and when I do, I always bring my own reusable bag to carry it, and always recycle what I can. Lastly, I mostly travel by bus for my daily transit, and in other cases, I usually have my friends pick me up.
  3. Like I mentioned earlier, home energy & appliances are my highest carbon footprint. It is so high that there’s probably a mistake somewhere in there, causing this result. However, even if there is a mistake, this category would probably still be the highest. I do use my computer very often, and in fact spend most of my time on it. I also shower every day, which I believe is not the case for everyone, thus dragging my carbon footprint up.
  4. I do not think I am ready to take actions to reduce my carbon footprint. I am confident that my highest carbon footprint contributor is my computer, but I also know that I really don’t use much electricity aside from this. I don’t have a TV or anything that I keep on all the time. One other thing that I can consider reducing is my food intake. I only eat twice a day, but I do eat quite a big volume so if I reduce my food intake, I can reduce my carbon footprint and keep in shape better.
  5. If I could make recommendations, I would suggest them to provide an incentive to motivate everyone to try and create less carbon footprint. I have read a comic once that had a scenario that goes like this; a race was organized and the winner is whoever that has collected the most amount of trash in the neighborhood, on foot, will win a price. This incentive was able to motivate a lot of people to start picking up trash. They were able to create a cleaner neighborhood and at the cost of barely any gas and electricity. If we could replicate this, we are sure to make a better city.
  6. I think a good way to alleviate the school’s collective carbon footprint is to introduce more dorms for students. I believe that most of the students uses public or personal transportations to reach school every day, and if we can reduce the amount of people that live far enough to use transportations, we can greatly reduce the amount of carbon footprint we produce.

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