Endocrine Case Study

For this Endocrine Case Study please answer the following questions. You are expected to create a paper in APA format for your response. Remember to cite the textbook when you bring in information from it. The questions may be used as a level II heading with the case study title as a level I heading. Also include a reference page at the end. You are welcome to use outside resources if you choose. Only 1 paper must be turned in per group with all names on the cover page. If group members choose not to participate and take a zero, please exclude their names on the cover page. Twelve-year-old S is brought to the emergency department by his parents after they found him unresponsive in his room. They are furious that he is “obviously intoxicated because of the way he smells.”

1. How will the nurse approach the parents?
2. What does the nurse suspect and why?
3. What are other manifestations associated with this diagnosis?
4. What diagnostic findings would support this diagnosis?
5. What is the pathophysiology associated with this diagnosis?
6. S’s parents report that he has never been diagnosed with diabetes, but they have noticed him acting a little different lately. What manifestations are typically associated with diabetes?
7. Differentiate between the different types of diabetes.
8. S is diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and is started on insulin. What are some possible complications associated with poorly controlled diabetes of any type?

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