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You are a consultant to the CEO of CapraTek. You were hired to analyze 15 worker complaint letters received by the company. Using the complaints and the data for CapraTek employees at the Illinois, Georgia, and Alabama sites, you will conduct an analysis of the complaints and their risk to the company. This analysis will be presented using a table. You may use the
sample CapraTek Complaint Analysis Table and CapraTek Complaint Analysis Table provided.
When you have completed your analysis of the complaints, prepare a 1-page executive summary addressed to the CEO that summarizes the information in your table. Your summary should describe any legal exposure resulting from the complaints, highlighting those that represent the most severe risk.
Make sure to include both the table and the executive summary in one document.
Use the CapraTek Employee Complaint Letters, and the CapraTek Employee Data files to complete this assessment. You can see an example of how complaint information can be organized in the CapraTek Complaint Analysis Table, and CapraTek Complaint Analysis Table.

The following resources will help improve your writing in all the assessments in this course.
Morel, M. (2012). Writing recommendations and executive summaries. Keeping Good Companies, 64(5), 274‒278.

  1. Organize employee complaints using the table template provided, including all
    relevant information in clear categories and sufficient detail using these categories:
    o Employee name.
    o Work plant.
    o Job title.
    o Salary.
    o EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) classification(s), if any.
    o Demographic data.
    o Nature of the complaint.
    o Description of legal risk (for example, Title VII discrimination of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, pregnancy
    discrimination, or risk for other tort liability such as OSHA violations, wrongful death, illness, or injury, workers’ compensation claims, pandemic virus exposure, or other liability).
    o Relevant legislation.

o Viability of each complaint.
o Ethical issues.
o Your reasons for finding each complaint to be legally viable or not.

  1. Identify specific laws and/or regulations relevant to each complaint; explain how the law applies to the facts of the complaint.
  2. Assess the risk for legal liability or lack of liability for each complaint, providing a rationale for your assessment supported by the facts, statutes, regulations, and/or case law.
  3. Analyze ethical issues relative to each complaint.
  4. Propose a course of action for each complaint and explain how this could resolve the claim.
  5. Summarize the analysis in a 1-page executive summary* that also highlights specific complaints that represent the most severe risk.
  • An executive summary should summarize the key points of the data. It should restate the report’s purpose, highlight the report’s major points, and describe any results, conclusions, or recommendations derived from the data. It should include enough information so the reader can understand what is discussed in the full report without having to read it.
    Submit both your table and executive summary for this assignment.
    Additional Requirements
    As you complete your assessment, be sure it meets the following guidelines:

• Written communication: Use error-free doctoral-level writing, with original (non- plagiarized) content, logical phrasing, and accurate word choices.
• Scholarship: Use 4 professionally reputable sources to support your main points and analysis. Be sure to include scholarly sources. Course readings may be included
among the required sources.
• APA formatting: All resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.
• Length: 1-paged typed, double-spaced pages, in addition to the cover page, illustrations, reference page, and appendix.
• Font and font size: Consistent, APA-compliant font, 12–point.

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