Employment Law for Human Resource Practice

  1. The new CEO Bozos from State of California has emailed you on his first day regarding his plans to restructure this “outdated Idaho operation” in order to maximize shareholder profits.  He requests for you to provide him with insight into converting current employees into independent contractors without losing conrol over them and tapping into local talent at Boise State University through internships without paying them.  Finally, as a show or solidarity and to boost morale he wants to require employees to join the current union that represents some of the workers.  Please advise CEO Bozos as to the viability of each decision he is contemplating.

2. In another email, the new CEO Bozos from California is surprised at the lack of diversity in this “old Idaho company” and wants to expand the organization to reflect a more diverse American population as this “old Idaho company” is on track to be a Fortune 500 company that should reflect America.  He asks about what can be done in recruitment and hiring to address this “diversity deficit.”  He also asks whether foreign workers can be brought on and used to replace existing workers through any federal visa programs.  Please advise.

3. CEO Bozos has grown frustrated over the quality and productivity of the current workforce and is particularly concerned that drugs and alcohol are a rampant problem amongst employees given the number of employees reporting legal troubles as well as several incidents of misconduct involving employees’ consuming alcohol before and/ur during work. He emails and asks what steps can be taken “from hiring to firing” to recruit and monitor the workforce so that “criminals, alcoholics, drug addicts, and debtor derelicts can be weeded out.” Please advise.

4. CEO Bozos calls you into his office and tells you that he received a credible report that the VP of Marketing and Advertising is engaging in quid pro quo sexual harassment of several members of the sales force.  He understands that you put into place a detailed policy regarding sexual harassment as well as a contract that allows him to fire the VP for cause.  He asks whether he can immediately terminate the VP and if not, what the next steps will be.  Finally, he asks whether he can begin reporting the allegation to potential employers as he knows the VP has applied to be a VP and potentially a CEO somewhere else already.  Please advise.

5. CEO Bozos wants to agressively address rising overtime expenses as well as prepare for a possible minimum wage increase.  He emails you and asks you to address how hourly employees can be converted into salary employees so that overtime and minimum wage laws may be avoided.  He knows that he and you are exempt from those requirements but wants to know who else could be converted to a salary employee that is not subject to the minimum wage and overtime laws.  Please advise.

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