Employee Engagement and Development

If an employee is struggling, advise him accordingly, and make a good-faith effort to help him improve (e.g. explain the shortcomings, tell him what he needs to do to become successful, and provide him with appropriate training and a mentor if necessary). — Liff, 2014 (Chapter 4: 21)
Employees are the most expensive and the most critical assets of most organizations. It takes time and effort to recruit and train them, and their relationships with other employees and customers impact the organizational culture and reputation. In order for employees to succeed they need to know what is expected of them and, in most cases, they need training and regular formative feedback to help them stay on target. Their active participation in defining, clarifying, and monitoring their own performance goals is key to keeping employees engaged and motivated to accept ownership and responsibility for their work.
Comment on how employee engagement and development are critical to managers, supervisors, and leaders. How does employee motivation relate to performance improvement and achieving success? Reference the reading from Liff.
98 Opportunities to Improve Management in Government, Liff, S. (2014).

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