Elon Musk and Twitter Ownership

Elon Musk has expressed an interest in Twitter and in changing how it operates.  About a month ago he purchased a large stake of about 9% in the company.  When that occurred, he was offered a seat on the Twitter Board.  He did not accept that offer, but he subsequently made an offer to buy the entire company.  If he follows through and buys the company, he might become its CEO.  He has also indicated that he believes he can turn it around and make it more successful, and after doing so he would consider bringing it public again in an Initial Public Offering (IPO).  Questions-      

  1. If Mr. Musk had accepted a seat on the Board what would his obligations have been?
  2. What are the advantages and the disadvantages to Mr. Musk of owning a partial stake and being a Board member of Twitter?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages to him of owning the entire company?
  4. What are the things he should be considering if he contemplates being the CEO of Twitter?
  5. What would be the impact of a subsequent IPO of Twitter?

(Please answer each question separately. DO NOT COMBINE AS A WHOLE ESSAY)

Submit organized, well supported answers to all 5 questions.  Support should come from the text, guest speakers (Martha Bejar, Kyle Levine, Campbell Phyllis, Dan Fulton), and classroom discussion.  I will be evaluating your answers for the following 8 factors, each of which will count for 3 points, for a total of 24 points- knowledge and appropriate application of information from the text; knowledge and appropriate application of information from the guest speakers; knowledge and application of best practices in leadership and governance; a well-reasoned analysis; organized and well written answers; understanding of key points that answer the questions; in depth, thorough analysis without getting side tracked on extraneous issues; not having incorrect information or mistakes in understanding best practices or issues.  Do be specific in tying your analysis to information from the text, guest speakers, and class so it is clear that it is coming from these places.  Answer the questions comprehensively, but do not submit more than 6 pages in total.

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