Edward Young

Choose one of the following logos to research:

  • Penguin – Edward Young

Discuss the following aspects of the design in a brief:

  • The commission: who had it made and why?
  • Discuss how the use of the elements and principles reflect
    • Social, historical and political events of the time
    • The typical style of the designer. Why was this designer particularly appropriate to this project?
    • The style period or movement
    • The ethos of the company it represents.
  • Why has the design endured? What made it timeless?

Essay details and things to follow:

Your essay should be between 2000 +/- (1800 and 2200) words and submitted. It is crucial that you reference correctly, using the Harvard Referencing System.

Use at least 7-10 relevant books, peer reviewed journals and other academic sources. In addition, you may use scholarly internet sources.


2000 words (body of the essay without bibliography citations are included)

Electronic submission

To Turnitin (folder will be created closer to the submission date)

Document ((Pdf, Google doc or Word)

Suggested resources

Aynsley, J. (2004) Pioneers of Modern Graphic Design: A Complete History. London: Mitchell Beazley

Barnet, S. (2015) A Short Guide to Writing About Art. Boston: Pearson.

Clifford, J. (2013) Graphic icons: visionaries who shaped modern graphic design. San Francisco: Peachpit

D’Alleva, A. (2010) How to Write Art History. London: Lawrence King. Fiel, C. and Fiel, P. (2013) The Story of Design. London: Goodman Fiel. Meggs, P. B. (2012) Meggs’ history of Graphic Design. Hoboken,Wiley.

Sinclair, M. (2014) TM : The Untold Stories Behind 29 Classic Logos. Laurence King Publishing: London. Available from: ProQuest Ebook Central.

Stewart, M. (2015) Launching the Imagination. New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

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