Education and Entertainment in Western Culture


 In Chapter 17 you read about the development of the university and its various intellectual expressions of entertainment, such as in literature and several styles of visual and performing arts. These forms of expression included the literary, visual, and performative representation of values and ideas of the culture in Europe at the time. The university provided Western Culture with newly expanded views of Science and Liberal Arts, including philosophy and theology. These developments had an influence on the direction that the culture was headed.

Literary- could be spoken or written account of connected events; story.

Visual- (paintings, sculptures, textiles, architecture)

Performing Arts- (dance, film, music, theatre, performance art).


 In America and Western Culture today, how do the areas of modern-day education (university) and our forms of arts and entertainment (literary, visual, performing arts) affect the development of values and ideas of Western Culture? Please give examples and specific areas as well as how they affect Western Culture. Your discourse must indicate that you have an understanding of this influence.

If you include sources, you must cite your sources in current APA format. This assignment must be 300-350 words and needs to include the word count in parentheses.

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