Drug Trafficking in Latin America

In developing your expertise in transnational organized crime (TOC) you will be writing a series of research papers. All together the writing contained in all these papers combined would be quite significant project! You will find that in some modules, the research papers mimic our readings with respect to subject matter and some modules, the research papers do not mimic the
reading. Again, the goal of these research papers is to stretch the depth and breadth of your knowledge.
You should feel well prepared to teach a course in TOCs after completing this
course. The research papers and PowerPoints you create could serve as the basis for such class.

Additionally, you will find that this course and the course CJUS701 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems complement each other very well.

• Each research paper should be a minimum of 6 to 8 pages.
• The vast difference in page count is because some countries and/or crime/topics are quite easy to study and some countries and/or crime/topics have very limited information.
• In some instances, there will be a plethora of information and you must use skilled writing to maintain proper page count.
• Please keep in mind that this is doctoral level analysis and writing – you are to take the hard-earned road – the road less travelled – the scholarly road in forming your paper.
• The paper must use current APA style, and the page count does not include the title page, abstract, reference section, or any extra material.
• The minimum elements of the paper are listed below.
• You must use a minimum of 8 recent (some countries/crimes/topics may have more recent research articles than others), relevant, and academic (peer review journals preferred and professional journals allowed if used judiciously) sources, at least 2 sources
being the Holy Bible, and one recent (some countries/crime/topics have more recent than others) news article.
Books may be used but are considered “additional: sources beyond the stated minimums. You may use .gov sources as your recent, relevant, and academic sources if the writing is academic in nature (authored works). You may also use United Nations and Whitehouse.gov documents as academic documents.
• Again, this paper must reflect graduate level research and writing style. If you need to go over the maximum page count you must obtain professor permission in advance! Please reference the Research Paper Rubric when creating your research paper.

These are minimum guidelines – you may expand the topics covered in your papers.
1) Begin your paper with a brief analysis of the following elements:
a. Introduction to the country
2) Analyze the nature of organized crime in the assigned area (you may narrow the scope of your analysis through your introduction or thesis statement if needed)
3) Analyze the impact of organized crime in the assigned area on the government.
4) Briefly propose policies that may be helpful in mitigating organized crime in the assigned area.
5) A Holy Bible comparison/analysis of the nature of the organized crime system, the impact on the country, or your proposed policy to mitigate the system.

The following is an outline of the minimum points to be covered in your paper – Crime
Typology Topics:
These are minimum guidelines – you may expand the topics covered in your papers…
1) Analyze the nature of assigned crime/issue with respect to (at a minimum):
a. Scope of the crime/issue
b. Financial impact – if possible
c. Human impact – if possible
d. Analysis of various countries laws dealing with the crime/issue.
2) Briefly propose policies that may be helpful in mitigating the crime/topic on a
specific country or transnational scale.
3) A Holy Bible comparison/analysis of the crime/topic

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