Disruption in Detroit: Ford, Silicon Valley, and Beyond

Your tasks are as follows: 

  1. Read the case study: Disruption in Detroit: Ford, Silicon Valley, and Beyond (B).

(File is attached)

2. Having read the case study, please address the following questions in your assignment submission: 

  • Within this rapidly evolving industry, is Ford’s new response adequate? What would you do now in Jim Hackett’s role?
  • Does the current landscape favour established industry players or newer ones? 
  • Who is likely to win in which area?

(NB. These questions are also at the bottom of the case study itself.) 

3. The case study should be structured as per the following link


(How to analyze a case study)

4. Please use the text book from your main references

Bassant , J and Todd J (2015) Innovation and Entrepreneurship , 3rd edition , Wiley

Guidelines for completing this assignment

Please address the following submission requirements: 

  • You should produce a 750-word MS-Word report which answers all three questions.
  • Please also ensure you use a minimum of 11 font size throughout, and any images, diagrams, or tables inserted should also have the same/readable font size. 

Please save your work as a PDF

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