Discussion Two: Decision Making

There is an abundance of information regarding characteristics of decision making and how a leader needs to possess strong decision-making skills.  The following are two beliefs (e.g., research, anecdotal) about decision making: (a) decision making is a skill developed through practice that the more you perfectly rehearse it, the better you become at it; and (b) decision making reflects your basic intellectual aptitude, meaning the better your cognitive experiences, the better your decision making.  Those who feel it is an acquired skill have the ability to set higher expectations and good problem-solving strategies for themselves.  On the other hand, those who thought it was either you have it or not philosophy, lost confidence in themselves and had many challenges when making decisions.

For this discussion, please explain in first person, with no references and no direct quotes, which belief is better than the other is, or do you feel you need both of these beliefs?  In addition, explain what has helped you become a better decision maker either personally and/or professionally.  

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