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Social Media Engagement Report and Presentation
Weighting: 30%

Task Description
This assessment task requires the submission of TWO (2) FILES (i.e., one Word file and one PowerPoint file). Assessment 2 is an individual assessment that involves preparing a brief social media engagement report by analysing contents posted on a chosen brand’s social media platform/s (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter).

You are required to select one of the following brands:
• Bonds
• Billabong
• Coles
• Domain Real Estate
• Flight Centre Australia
• Kmart Australia
• Lorna Jane
• Qantas
• Vegemite
• Woolworths
• Jetstar

Analyse your chosen brand’s social media posts as well as how social media users engage with these posts. You will classify these posts based on pre-determined categories or themes and prepare a brief report based on the analysis. The report should include a recommendation section for your chosen brand. The main body of the report should be 1500 words maximum in length excluding the executive summary, table of contents, tables, charts/graphs, the reference list and appendices. The presentation component will be in PowerPoint format with recorded voice-over limited to 5 slides (excluding title slide) and no longer than 5 minutes in duration. The presentation component must include the major findings from the analysis and recommendations. The following link provides a good video tutorial on how to record voice-over in PowerPoint:

NB: The brand you select will also be used in the Assessment 3 task.

Any assessment with a ‘Turnitin’ score of more than 25% will be checked by the marker and unit coordinator for potential plagiarism issue although it may not necessarily mean that you have plagiarised. If there is a substantial similarity score in the ‘Turnitin’ report, your assessment could be forwarded to an appropriate office/authority.

Assessment Criteria

Written report will be assessed as follows (20 marks):
• Research (i.e., identifying and classifying social media posts) (6 marks)

• Analysis write-up (i.e., writing about the findings and providing recommendations) (8 marks)
• Integrate findings from theoretical and empirical research, including proper in-text citations and reference list using APA referencing style (3 marks)
• Report format (i.e., structure) and writing (i.e., spelling, grammar, sentence construction) (3 marks)

Presentation will be assessed as follows (10 marks):
• Presentation content (i.e., covers the major findings from the analysis, provides recommendations) (6 marks)
• Presentation delivery (i.e., delivery is professional and finishes within 5 minutes) (4 marks) For detailed assessment criteria, please see the marking rubric on Moodle.
Penalties apply for late submission (a 5% mark will be deducted from the total mark for Assessment 2 per day unless an approved extension has been granted).

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