Different Cultural Experiences

Students are expected to experience two events (one at the beginning of the semester, and another towards the end of the semester), and engage in an experience that offers an opportunity to experience something different from their own culture. Develop your reflection on the event relevant to issues and ideas generated in this course race relation. Please answer all of the following questions for each event:

• What were your feelings and thoughts about the other party’s culture?
• What did you learn from their culture?
• Apply definitions and/or theories you learned in class or through readings, to the social justice you viewed.
• Did the event challenge any of your preconceived notions, myths, or stereotypes about the culture highlighted? If so, what changed in your mind? If not, why?

FYI: This course is race relations so we discuss races and so on. Give a good detail of the event I’m African American so write from an African American perspective.

You will write a minimum of 2 full, double-spaced pages (excluding cover page and reference page) using APA 7th style.

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