Development of the Human Brain

The human brain develops in a specific sequence. The limbic system, or the seat of emotions and the experience of rewards, is said to be completely developed in early adolescence. However, the pre-frontal cortex, also called the judgment region, doesn’t finish developing until a person is an adult.
We could reasonably suggest that during the adolescent stage, it may be biologically difficult for a person to wrangle their emotions, impulses, and behaviors.
As a medical educator, how would you teach a group of parents about why their adolescent boys and girls are “acting out”?
In approximately 3 pages, create a “fact sheet” in MS Word that includes a chart, images, banners, tables, etc., that explains why adolescent children may be less logical and more emotional in their decision-making. As part of your fact sheet, include ideas on how parents can best support their teenager during this time.
Be sure that you use peer-reviewed research to support your 3-page handout.

• Length: 2.5-3 pages (not including title page or references page)
• Includes engaging presentation elements (e.g., images, banners, tables)
• Attributes proper credit to outside sources (due to the creative nature of this assignment, attribution may look different than it does in a standard essay; that is okay so long as you credit your source in such a way that your audience can easily track down the sources you reference)

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