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Dear writer, please make DNP portfolio for me. Please use one and half pages for each file (2 files). I have abstract already. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. I can send you the manuscript if needed..
Please write only the highlighted portion of the paper.
The DNP Portfolio is a collection of scholarly work and writing that depicts the development of your knowledge, competency, and achievement of the AACN DNP Essentials (2006). The DNP Portfolio provides you with an opportunity to highlight the knowledge and competencies learned in the DNP program and the completion of the DNP practice change project for their successful transition to the role of DNP-prepared nurse and healthcare systems leader.

APA Style and Standards and Clarity of writing.

  1. Paper length: 1-2 pages per statement, excluding title and reference pages
  2. Appropriate Level I headers
  3. Title page per statement; the abstract does not require a title page
  4. Current APA style for references and citations
  5. Standard English usage and mechanics
  6. No spelling or typographical errors
  7. Organized presentation of ideas
    For this assignment, you will submit three (3) individual files. You can submit all the files in a single submission; however, you may need to include all files in a single ZIP file. Each individual file should be labeled with your last name and DNP Portfolio (For example: Soprano. DNP Portfolio – Personal Philosophy Paper). The DNP Portfolio should include the following components:
  8. DNP Practice Change Project Abstract

a. Provide the abstract from your course faculty-approved Final DNP Project Manuscript. The abstract should be a brief (150-250 words) overview of the DNP practice change project to include the following:

i. Background
ii. Problem
iii. Methods
iv. Intervention
v. Results
vi. Conclusions
vii. Keywords

  1. Personal Philosophy on the Contribution of DNP-Prepared Nurses to Healthcare Outcomes

a. Develop and describe your personal philosophy on the contribution of DNP-prepared nurses to healthcare outcomes.
b. Appraise and elaborate on how you will use your knowledge from your DNP degree program to impact the future of healthcare.

  1. Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Healthcare Statement

a. Develop a statement on your commitment as a DNP-prepared nurse leader to diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare. Describe how you will promote and advocate for the following:

i. Sense of belonging among healthcare team
ii. Dignity for all patient populations
iii. Justice for individuals with limited or no access to healthcare services

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