Development Challenges Among Students

  1. Write a paper citing only scholarly/authoritative sources (beyond the textbook) to identify and describe potential challenges for the individual chosen from the scenario in Part 1 (Justin, Adrienne, Ben, Tony) in at least one of the four areas of development (physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and spiritual/moral)
  2. Cite only scholarly/authoritative sources (beyond the textbook) to recommend methods to help the selected person overcome or improve her or his potential challenges.
  3. How do the development challenges that your chosen individual might face differ from any challenges to development that their family members might experience?
  4. Identify multicultural challenges that your chosen individual may face as a child from an interracial family.
  5. Explain how these multicural challenges could impact your chosen individual’s four areas of development?
  6. Suggest plans of action or resources that you feel should be provided to this family to assist them in proper development.
  7. Than submit your paper for grading
    Note: This assignment will be checked for plagiarism. Always review the University’s Academic Integrity Policy statement regarding plagiarism.
    • Skillfully cites scholarly/authoritative sources (beyond the textbook) to:
    o describe at potential challenges for at least one of the four areas of development (physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and spiritual/moral development) for the same individual identified in part 1 of the individual in the selected developmental stage.
    o answer questions noted in the Assignment Instructions.
    o recommend solutions to overcome potential challenges.
    o articulate the differences among the potential challenges that the different family members might experience.
    o identify multicultural challenges the individual might face coming from an interracial family.
    o suggest a plan of action to address the multicultural challenges.

• Citation Requirements: minimum of 3
• Word Count: 750-1,000 excluding title page and references (no abstract)
• APA Formatting
• Paper is organized by:
o Introduction includes a thesis statement and lays out the purpose of the paper
o Developmental Challenges and Solutions
o Comparison of Challenges Among Stages of Development
o Multicultural Challenges and Plan of Action
o Conclusion restates key points made in the paper
• Plagiarism Submission

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