Developing Professional Chaplains



Developing professional chaplains with a biblical foundation grounded in the spiritual disciplines requires the student to understand theory and engage in practice. For this reason, the course is a partial practicum where the student is given the opportunity to witness a chaplain or pastor doing ministry in his/her respective calling. There is no better way to appreciate the arduous work of ministry than observing the successes and challenges of a minister in the field. This assignment affords a great opportunity for the student to not only interview the chaplain but accompany him/her doing ministry. Be sure and pay close attention to the practice or non-practice of the spiritual disciplines of the chaplain or pastor you shadow.
Shadowing a chaplain means that you will accompany the chaplain as he/she performs his/her regular ministry, such as: visiting patients and hospital staff, visiting church members, attending pastoral staff meetings, observing a chaplain or pastor officiate a wedding, funeral, or worship service. What a chaplain or pastor does while the student accompanies him/her is up to the minister, not the student.
You will contact a chaplain, pastor, or minister and request that you be allowed to have a 30- minute interview followed by 3 hours of shadowing time. Upon completion of the shadowing experience, you will write a report based on the following guidelines:
I. Part 1: The Interview (30 minutes)

  1. The interview report must be a total of at least 200 words.
  2. The interview report must address the following 7 issues/questions:

1) Name of the chaplain interviewed, and date/time of the interview. Chaplain (Capt.) Seth Johnson.

September 13, 2023
2) Where are you currently serving? 103d AW CTANG
3) How long have you served as a chaplain within this ministry? Working on my third year
4) What preparation did you receive to qualify you?
Civilian prep was 20 years of pastoral ministry, 15 years police/fire chaplain, Officer Training School, Basic Chaplain Course and trained as facilitator for multiple Strong Bond curriculums.
5) What ministry opportunities are available to you in this field? Ministries available to me include extensive counseling, leading suicide prevention/new leadership workshops and participate in training alongside each of my assigned units.

6) How effective are your ministry efforts?
Unit engagement and being present for roll calls have built credibility within the units to expand the reach of chaplain services and care.

7) How has your ministry as a chaplain affected your family or friends? My family and friends have developed a greater appreciation for the strains on military members and families.

II. Part 2: The Shadow (3 hours).

  1. The shadow report of the paper must be at least 1,000 words.
  2. The shadow report of the paper must contain at least 2 textbook citations, and 4 biblical integrations.
  3. The shadow report of the paper must address the following questions:
    1) Which of the spiritual disciplines did the chaplain address during the interview or practice while doing ministry?
    2) What did you learn from your chaplain shadow experience?
    Engaging in common activities such as worship, study, prayer, celebration, and service with other disciples, which sustain our existence together and expand our potential to encounter more of God.
    3) How can you apply what you learned to your current ministry?
    By uniting around the purpose to develop as ministers, both spiritually and professionally. Seek to advance the causes of Christianity through networking and the exchange of ministry related resources and information.
    4) How do you perceive this influencing your future chaplaincy ministry?
    I perceive that seeking to motivate and initiate meaningful use of each individual’s beliefs and attitudes in the management of their difficulties will be greatly influenced.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

**Make sure to use the attached formatting.

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