Data Architectural Models

Data processing describes the data, as well as the schemas, integration, transformations, storage, and workflow needed to allow the information architecture’s analytical requirements” (Sherman, 2015). It is critical to have a data architecture in place because it determines how data is processed, integrated, stored, and distributed to the appropriate location. It also ensures that the data is usable in a complete and correct format, allowing it to be used effectively. “Data architecture refers to a higher-level view of how an organization manages its data, such as how it is classified, integrated, and processed. “Data modeling” (Sherman, 2015) refers to “very precise and comprehensive rules on how pieces of data are organized in the database.”
As Compliance Manager, I will ensure that from Data processor ICD-9 CM code transfer correctly, all patient information like Identification, the name is accurate. In addition to that, I will also make sure that flow is precise from Provider transcribes treatment and diagnosis into the EHR system, NLP processes, and CAA working properly for billing and reimbursement.

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