Curriculum Analysis

Part Four: Assessment for each grade level
Next you will decide what you are willing to accept as evidence that students have met
your goals. In other words, you must develop assessments plan for your curriculum. For
the elementary level you will identify assessments for K-2 and 3-5 grade level groupings.
Assessments for middle and high school will assess the standards but will also reflect the
activities in your curriculum. Your exit (commencement level) requirements should
indicate that students have met your philosophy of being physically educated and that
students have met requirements indicated for each SHAPE & NYS content standard.
Explain how graduates from your program meet the SHAPE & NYS Standards for being
Physically Educated. In the Curriculum Project folder on Brightspace, there is a folder
titled Curricular Resources. You will find content charts for each NYSLS for each grade
level, PE Profile literature, and Academic Language information that is aimed at reaching
the Common Core Learning Standards.
A. Write an introduction to this section discussing your school level philosophy of
assessment and develop an assessment plan.
B. Produce student, parent, and administrator surveys to be used for evaluation.
These should be administered prior to development as a needs assessment, as well as
after implementation as a form of evaluation. Student survey should be at least 5
C. Develop specific strategies to assess student learning related to the Standards and
Benchmarks. Include the following: (chapter 6)
What is assessed and graded?
Who is assessed and graded?
How often does assessment take place throughout the year?
How is assessment done?
How will this information be communicated to parents?
What provisions will be made for individuals with disabilities?
D. Develop 1 curricular assessment in each domain for the grade level you selected (total
of three assessment instruments). The curricular cognitive assessment should have a
Common Core focus. All assessments must be instructionally aligned!

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