Current Issues in Criminal Courts

Assignment 1

Points: 50

Due Date:

Required Format: APA style paper in a Microsoft Word Document


You must complete this assignment alone.  Choose a current criminal courts issue.  You may choose a topic covered in the class lecture, or you may choose another issue as long as it directly relates to the criminal courts. 

Read the questions below and write a four-page (no longer than five-page), double-spaced paper addressing the questions.  Make sure your paper is in a paper format—do not simply write individual answers to each question separately.  Rather, write a cohesive paper that discusses the information needed to answer the questions. Use 12 point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins. APA format is required. Make sure to cite all information properly.  You must have in-text citations and a references section.  You need to cite a minimum of five credible sources in your paper (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, published books, or credible news articles).

Before you begin writing a draft, make sure to take the time to read multiple credible sources on the issue.


1). What is the issue?  Write at least several paragraphs concisely explaining the issue.

2). What are the claims made about the causes of the issue?

3). Have these claims been tested?  If so, how?  If not, is it possible to test these claims?  Why?

4). Is anything being done to address the issue currently? Explain.

5). Provide one original idea related to addressing the issue.

Be sure to upload a Microsoft Word document version of your paper to Turnitin on

Blackboard. Do NOT share links to the document, email the document, share Google

Drive, or One Drive access, or use any other format (such as PDF).

Use the proofreading checklist on Blackboard to proofread and review your paper before you upload it. Read it aloud at least once before submitting it. Any errors in composition, grammar,

spelling, or formatting will result in a loss of points. Additionally, not following instructions will

result in a loss of points.

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