Culture and International Business: Cross-Cultural Communications

Module NameCulture and International Business
Module Code 
Assignment TitleAssignment 3 (50% of module grade)
Type of SubmissionIndividual Written Assessment
Word Count2,500 words (1,250 words for each question). References and appendix are excluded from word count.  10% allowance applies.
Issue Date 
Submission Date 
Date of Feedback to StudentsMarked within 20 working days. 
Where feedback can be foundBrief comments on the electronic script, summary comments and a breakdown of the allocation of marks in the “rubric” in Canvas.
Assignment Task
1. Write a real-life case study where you had exposure to a different culture than your home culture and where you had to overcome differences in cross-cultural communication. 
Critically analyse what were the sources of these differences and the difficulties you may have faced, using three models of cross-cultural communications that were taught in the module. 
Reflect on these difficulties, how did you overcome them and what would you have done differently next time. 
You may choose a personal experience from your past, or you may reflect on your experience working on the Assignment 1 Baytree Centre Live Brief.
2. A hypothetical UK company is considering entering an emerging market, China or India. The type of company including industry, size and products is up to you, but you will need to state clearly in your introduction the characteristics of your hypothetical company. 
Write a business report for this company’s top management detailing how the assessment of opportunities in these two countries should be done (i.e., what models, factors or data need to considered/included in the assessment).
Discuss how the company could choose an appropriate entry mode using John Dunning’s Eclectic Paradigm to show how to enter the chosen country.
This report is 50% of the overall module grade.  It provides summative assessment for TB1 (Q1) and TB2 (Q2) in lieu of the Final Exam.

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