Crisis Communication and Reputation Management Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to apply the four elements of a crisis communication plan and other resources to any one of a number of serious circumstances when presenting a plan to an organization’s internal crisis management team. 
Read through the options and choose one of the scenarios below for this assignment. The scenario statements provide a glimpse into the circumstance, but you will need to customize it for your crisis.
* Scenario 1: Employee or Hiring Discrimination: We take diversity and inclusion seriously at [company]. We are an equal opportunity employer and [consider all applicants/respect all employees] without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Our goal is to ensure that we are providing a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees. As such, we are actively and seriously reviewing [this claim/these claims] to determine the appropriate next steps.

Create a 5 slide PowerPoint presentation that will be delivered to the internal crisis management team. In your presentation, be sure to include the following:
* Address the four key elements of a crisis communication plan: crisis team, designated spokesperson, media policy/plan, and statement. Note also how the recommended statement is persuasive to achieve the desired outcome.
* Articulate final messaging for internal and external stakeholders.
* Demonstrate confidentiality and address the role of legal in your crisis communication plan.
* Include two or three resources in your references list with at least one from the Wall Street Journal.
Refer to the “Crisis Communication and Reputation Management: Response Strategy Roadmap” and watch the videos, “Judy Smith on Responding to a Crisis” and “Watch Judy Smith Speak at Fortune’s MPW Summit – Fortune Most Powerful Women,

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