Creating Technical Communication

As explained in the reading, there are five phases to creating technical communication. When developing your tutorial for the Unit 9 Assignment, it will be necessary to plan and execute each phase of the process carefully.
For your initial discussion post, you will be sharing the outcome for each phase as described below:
• Phase 1 Information Planning: Identify the tutorial’s audience, what should be accomplished by using the tutorial, and the environment the audience is likely to be in when viewing the tutorial.
• Phase 2 Content Specification: Describe the qualities of the tutorial’s audience and any research you have done to understand the audience better. List the main sections of the tutorial’s content and describe any research you have done to better understand the topic.
• Phase 3 Implementation: Summarize the content of the tutorial and what form it will take (i.e., slide presentation, video, etc.).
• Phase 4 Production: Describe how you might distribute the tutorial to the actual target audience.
• Phase 5 Evaluation: Describe the successes and challenges you have faced when pulling together the information for the tutorial. Also, reflect on how what you have learned through this process will influence future technical communications you create.

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