Creating an Audience Persona

In Unit 3, you detailed a problem that an effectively created tutorial might resolve. With that objective in mind, you will use your initial discussion post to understand a tutorial’s potential audience better. Although you are not required to continue to pursue the topic you developed in Unit 3, be sure the topic of your proposed tutorial focuses on providing insights into resolving a problem and realistic for you to create based on your own knowledge.

In paragraph format, create an audience persona for the tutorial you might create to resolve the identified problem. As noted in the reading, a persona is a narrative about a single user that best represents the larger target audience. Consider including information related to the following characteristics:

  • Demographics such as age, gender, and average income
  • Cultural and language differences
  • Existing knowledge and biases
  • Openness to learning new tasks or changing procedures
  • Access to necessary tools, funding, technology (e.g., internet or software)
  • Employment position (e.g., manager, new-hire)
  • Physical limitations such as hearing impairment or color blindness

You are not limited to creating a narrative just on the characteristics noted above. The persona you write should include details about all the characteristics relevant to your audience’s reception of your tutorial.

In a second paragraph, explain how you surmised that these are actual characteristics of the potential audience. Describe how these characteristics will impact the content of the tutorial.

Cite content from this unit’s readings or relevant and reliable internet sources as support of ideas you have noted in your post. Citing research should serve to add credibility and insight to your writing. You will need to use APA formatted in-text citations in your paragraphs to indicate which sentences reflect ideas from sources; provide references at the end of your post. The Writing Center has resources on APA citation formatting.

All discussion responses should be written in complete sentences using Standard English to create cohesive paragraphs. Technical writers are often held to a minimum and/or maximum word counts. As a guideline, your initial post should be approximately 200 words. Quality, thorough, and relevant content should take precedence since a longer response may be needed to adequately respond to the discussion topics posted above.

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