COVID Challenge Trials

Some thinkers have said that COVID human challenge trials create an example of a trolley problem. An example of this is in the Bloomberg video about COVID human challenge trials included in the media gallery for week11. More examples of this idea can be found on the web by googling “COVID challenge trolley problem”. 

Q1. What is the trolley problem in ethics? The trolley problem is briefly described in the Pence textbook at ch 8. Here’s a TEDed video about the trolley problem:

Points: 3 Wordcount 100-500

Q2. What are COVID challenge trials? What’s special about them? What makes them different than the trials or experiments that are usually done to test new vaccines or treatments?

Points: 3 Wordcount 100-500

Q3. Do COVID challenge trials or challenge trials generally create a kind of trolley problem or not? Do some but not others? An article at (Links to an external site.) points out one way in which challenge trials are different.

Points: 4 Word count 500-750

Grading for Q1 and Q2 and Q3

(1) Anything incorrect in what said -1
(2) Anything left out of what said which should be included -1
(3) Answer not understandable by reader knows nothing of topic -1

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