Corporation Membership

You have been asked to join the board of a large corporation. From what you learned in this week’s module, what would be some of the questions that you should ask and what are the answers that you are expecting? Explain the Sarbanes and Oxley Act of 2002 and impact on corporate governance.
Please read and respond to the above questions. Then read and reply to at least two other students. In your response, you could ask your classmate a question, expand on one of his or her statements, ask for clarity on one of the points, etc.
When answering or responding to discussion questions be sure to write, in your own words, compelling arguments based on personal and/or professional experience, textbook and course materials, academic research, and cite brief references other than the textbooks where appropriate. Also, be sure to consistently establish a linkage between the material being discussed, your workplace, or individual research.
The initial discussion post should be a 300-word count minimum and 100-word count minimum for peer responses.

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