Contemporary Issues in the Japanese and Korean Economies

2000 words (not including bibliography.) Deadline 13th December 2022. Please refer to the SFM Assessment Guidelines in the Assessment Folder for the marking criteria and other information about referencing etc. Please submit to Turnitin submission point on the Module Page. For ALL students, 2% points deducted each day after the deadline.
Essay Topics: Please choose ONE of the following topics for your essay (it must be different to your presentation topic). Please note that some questions allow you to select a specific country or write about both (please specify in your title which one you have chosen) and some require you to compare. Please read the questions carefully.
Topic 1: Critically analyse recent economic reforms within Japan AND/OR Korea and their effectiveness in revitalising the economy and enabling them to stay globally competitive.
Topic 2: Discuss how the dual labour market in Japan AND/OR Korea is impacting on the economy.
Topic 3: Why has Korea AND/OR Japan enacted corporate governance reforms and how effective have they been?
Topic 4: How have recent trade wars affected the Korean AND/OR Japanese economies?
Topic 5: Discuss the economic outlooks for Japan AND/OR South Korea. What are the biggest economic threats and opportunities?
Topic 6: ‘Increasing female labour force participation is an economic imperative in Japan
AND/OR Korea.’ Discuss.
Topic 7: Why and how have Japan AND/OR Korea entered into Free Trade Agreements?
Topic 8: ‘Demographics pose the biggest threat to the Korean AND/OR Japanese
economies.’ Discuss.
Topic 9: How does ‘business culture’ affect Korean AND/OR Japanese companies when globalising overseas?
Topic 10: Compare and contrast the start-up cultures in Japan and Korea. What role do start-ups plays in their economies?
Topic 11: Analyse the current economic relationship between Japan and Korea and their role within a global value chain
Topic 12. Analyse the relationship between Big Business and SMEs within Japan AND/OR

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