Conservation Case Study

In this essay, you will present a conservation case study. This will involve a brief description of the
species (animal, plant, fungus, whatever). If you are interested in conservation of a habitat type
(example: Wetlands, High Desert, etc.) you might want to pick a specific organism that lives in that
habitat and conclude with a more wholistic habitat preservation strategy. The description should be at
most a couple paragraphs that outline where the organism lives (habitat type) geographic range (you
can include a map if that helps) and any particularly important biology or societal role. Examples could
include: if it relies on a specific food or climate, if it is very slow growing, if it has cultural importance, if
it has been hunted or used as a major food source for humans. Each organism will likely have something
unique that either helped lead to its precarity or might aid in its recovery. You are not going into detail
here, just providing some descriptive context.

The next part of the assignment is to place the organism into a framework of biodiversity. From your
research, how does the organism fall into the concept of biodiversity? Is it unique genetics? A unique or
interesting aspect of biology? Does it have a specific (crucial) role in its environment? Is it culturally
important? Is it economically important (as a positive or a negative to the economy)? Some organisms
might be all of the above or some combination. This part could be two to three paragraphs.

The next part of the assignment is to place the organism into a framework of conservation. This will
involve characterizing what is known about the why the species is vulnerable, threatened or at risk.
Provide a short history of what is known about how (what causes) the organism became a species at
risk. If the species is not endangered but a specific population is then make sure you reveal and describe
this aspect. Make sure you include the organism’s legal status (within the United States and/or other
national or international agreements) This will be about two to three paragraphs.

The final part is to describe and evaluate what is being done to protect the species. Are the actions
focused on the single species or part of a larger habitat-based effort? From your current understanding
critique the plan and/or provide suggestions for additional plans. This section is about a paragraph or

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