Computer-Assisted Language Learning Programs

Credibility Is the author/publisher a well-known, respected entity?
Does this author/publisher have experience in the field of ESL?
Relevance and Appropriate-ness Is the program’s content relevant to the Florida Sunshine State Standards, the FL SSS English Language Proficiency Standards, and/or Statute 1003.42?
Are the scope (what needs to be taught) and sequence (the order to teach) of this program clearly indicated and relevant to your purposes?
Are the target age group/grade and proficiency levels clearly indicated?
Are the graphic images appropriate for that age group/grade?
Organization Is there a pre-test and post-test to help the teacher and student know if he is working at the right level?
Does the table of contents show a logical development of the skills and/or subject matter information?
Does the author present a list of objectives, questions, or some other organizational structure to guide the students while using the program?
Does the author summarize key concepts and present useful summaries at the end of the segment?
Navigation Does the program take into consideration the needs of differently-abled students?


Are the aesthetic aspects of the site effective?            
Are navigation symbols for buttons and bars included? Is it easy to find the legend?            
Is the organization of the program clear or intuitive?          
Is navigation simple and obvious? 


Criteria for Measuring Learnability of Computer-Assisted Language Learning Programs (cont’d)

Exercise Instructions and
Content Are difficult or new vocabulary words italicized, underlined, or highlighted is some other way?
Explain where words are defined and how they are taught?


Is a learning point explained and modeled before students begin exercises? 


Does the computer control the student by somehow requiring the student to read an explanation before moving on to the exercises?            
Do the authors use practical, real-life situations, examples, or analogies which students can relate to and have an interest in?            
When there are questions at the end of a segment, are there different kinds which require higher levels of thinking or responses using the students’ own words?         
Do the exercise directions use simple grammar formations of the verb? (e.g., simple present tense, simple past tense, simple future)

At sentence level? (e.g., simple sentences, not compound or complex)
Does the program keep track of the student’s progress?
Multicultur-ality Does the site use a variety of media and approaches to effectively engage students with varying learning styles?


Is the site free of material that may be oppressive to one or more groups of students?          
Does the site provide voice to a multitude of groups (language, culture, race, class, gender, age, (dis)ability)?           

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