Comprehension – Strategy Description and Research Rationale

Paper is based on Reading Comprehension in Special Education.

Strategy Description and Research Rationale

For your selected area, 2 instructional strategies to teach a specific skill that you can implement in your classroom. Your strategy should be described and backed by research in a minimum of 2-3 pages.

What to include:

1. Describe your targeted area/element of literacy. (Reading Comprehension)

2. Describe your 2 research-based strategies along with the specific skill(s) you will be teaching. Be sure to include the research base behind your strategies. (cite the research appropriately) Tip: Use at least 4 research-based sources

3. Describe your strategy’s procedures. Be descriptive, give step-by-step directions, the time needed, material needed, etc. Be clear and cohesive

4. Differentiation and supports needed: How can the activity be differentiated for ALL learners (SWD, ELs, and GATE)?

Format: Format your paper and cite your sources following MLA guidelines.

Sourcing: Use at least four research resources in identifying your strategies. In other words, do not pull all your research from one source; but rather, explore a variety of sources.

Cite your sources and research base when describing your strategies’ efficacy.

Remember to cite properly and to include your reference page.

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