Compare the Land and People of Japan and the U.S

JAPAN:          Total land area: 145,000 sq. mile

Population: 125 million

Percent of land cultivated for crops: 12%

                                    Percent of food imported: 60%

UNITED STATES:   Total land area: 3,600,000 sq. mile

                                    Population: 323 million

                                    Percent of land cultivated for crops: 46%

Answer the following questions:

Make your answers brief for #1, 2, and 3 and write a short paragraph for #4.

1.   How many times larger than Japan is the United States in land?

2.   How many times larger is the U.S. in population?

3.   What conclusions can you draw on the population density in Japan and the United States?            Which country is more densely populated?

4.   How does the population density affect the values and norms of the Japanese people?  Values such as self-reliance, hard work, harmony, willingness to obey the law, respect and tolerance, etc. For example, what do the people have to do in order to live harmoniously in an over-crowded society? How do they relieve tension? Etc.

            Please do not repeat Japan’s geography and natural resources. This question asks for the values and norms of the people as affected by their land. The following link might help:


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