Comparative Indigenous Experiences

As we conclude our semester, your final comparative paper should reflect on the ways in which settler colonialism have impacted Indigenous peoples in the US, Canada, Hawaii, and Australia. Once you identify a minimum of two themes, you will place them in conversation with one another. First, begin by defining settler colonialism. How are your two themes/topics enforce and express settler colonialism? You can also address larger questions: How have Indigenous peoples historically been impacted by settler colonialism? How are the contemporary lives of Indigenous people impacted by settler colonialism? How/Are the experiences of Indigenous people similar? Different? Your paper should be a culmination of what you have learned this semester in regards to Indigenous peoples and settler colonialism.

Format Guidelines:

  • 1-inch margins
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman
  • Cover Page
  • Original Title
  • 8 pages minimum (NATV/HIST 592 paper must be a minimum of 15 pages)
  • Numbered pages-lower right corner


  • Chicago Manual of Style. For a quick style guide visit:
  • Footnotes
  • Must cite a minimum of 10 sources from syllabus (NATV/HIST 592-must also include 3 monographs)

Some suggestions on how to approach this paper:

  • Using your storyboards, what are themes that emerge for you? Identify at least two themes that you will put in conversation with one another.
  • Begin with an Introduction that clearly lay out the thesis and your topic/themes.
  • Structure: Your paper should move clearly through your texts, creating a conversation between them that develops across the paper. Do not give me a summary of course readings. Rather, think about how various texts frame and provide a way to analyze your theme/topic.  Pay attention to your transitions! You might develop specific comparisons between articles where appropriate.
  • Examples:  Be as specific as possible. Illustrate your points with examples.
  • Conclusion: your conclusion should summarize your main points of your paper.

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