Comparative Culture: Basic concepts

In the classes on weeks 2-3 we focus on the basic concepts of culture. To do: please read “Culture” by Antweiler, available in file as Kühnhardt_Mayer_The Bonn Handbook of Globality_ Vol2_Culture.pdf

After reading the text, please answer the following questions. Please type your answers in this file.

Question 1: Please mention 3-4 important points of Antweiler’s article. Which parts are most interesting for you?

Question 2: How do you think, what are the most important when you think of culture? As we are at the beginning of our course together, I am curious to read your own thoughts and words.

Question 3: Feel free to mention which parts of the reading was too difficult to understand. It is not easy text, so it is OK to ask me if you feel that some parts need explanation.

Your contribution is important. We will use your thoughts and ideas in the live discussions in the second half of this semester.

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