Company’s Shares Analysis

You are to pick a share and provide a short analysis by answering the following questions:

How has the company’s share been performing in the past 5 years?
What were the reasons that caused the share price to perform as observed? Were they company-specific, developments of general market environment or even over-inflated expectations?
Fundamentally, is the company financially stable/profitable?
How do the strategies and marketing influence the share price?
Given the current trajectory, where do you think the share price will be heading in the next couple of years?
You are welcome to add anything that can enrich the analysis.

Tip: Do not select the company that has anything to do with something called SPAC. Moreover, do not choose a company that has only gone public less than 5 years ago – you risk not having enough data to analyse.

Please write a MS-Word document between 750 and 1,000 words, supported by any graphics, tables and charts that you believe would be useful.

Since this is a graduate-level course, it is expected that your final output would be produced to a professional standard. Bear in mind the following when it comes to quality assurance:

Logic of the analysis
Clear presentation of ideas – use headings and sub-headings, segmenting the content to make it VERY easy to read
Error-free writing/quality control
Keeping it precise and concise – get to the point
Consistent formatting
Referencing APA7 style

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