Community Health Workers Analysis

There are numerous professions that help make up the broader healthcare delivery system. For this assignment, you will analyze one healthcare profession that you are not familiar with. Exhibit 2.2 provides a list of several professional titles.

Your analysis should describe the following characteristics of the profession you selected:

*Knowledge base
*Collective goals
*Licensure (This varies by state. Use your state of residence (My state is Tennessee) )
*Number of professionals in practice by vertical differentiation (position, experience, education level)
*Number of professionals in practice by horizontal differentiation (geography, practice setting, specialty)
*History and evolution of the profession
*Professional associations and their roles
*Competitor professions
*Current strategic issues that face the profession and the profession’s position on those issues.

You may want to consider visiting the website(s) of professional organizations and various state licensing boards.

Select one of the professional organizations listed in Exhibit 2.1. Provide a brief overview of that professional organization and explain how becoming a member will help expand your knowledge and proficiency in human resources management.

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