Communication Process

In this course, we have learned that communication is the exchange of information and ideas, with others, through verbal and non-verbal communication. In any setting, professional, academic, or personal, mastering team and group communication skills are essential to collaborating with others effectively. Understanding your communication styles as well as your audience can have an impact on your ability to work in a team or group environment.
Developing the ability to adapt your style to meet the needs of others will help to create a positive environment to successfully exchange messages, reduce the risk of conflict, and motivates everyone to work together toward a common goal. Differences in values, behaviors, backgrounds, and personalities can lead to conflict when working with groups of people. By implementing effective conflict-resolution and problem-solving strategies, we begin to break down the gaps in communication and work towards more effective teamwork.

o Discuss various conflict resolution strategies.
o Identify communication skills needed to effectively collaborate in a team environment.

Articles, Websites, and Videos:
This article discusses the importance of each member’s role on a team.
• Indeed. (2023, February 28th). 10 group roles for workplace teams (with examples). Indeed.
This article examines the most important skills to have when working in teams.
• Keiling, H. (2023, February 27th). 7 examples of important teamwork skills. Indeed. This article discusses why most organizations fail to collaborate.
• Razzetti, G (2019, April 1). Why collaboration fails (and what to do about it). LinkedIn.
This article discusses how to improve collaboration skills when working with others.
• Indeed. (2023, March 10th). Collaboration skills: Examples and ways to improve them. This video reviews the differences between teams and groups.
This video discusses strategies for success in working with groups.
Supplemental Resources:

The following resources discuss working with teams remotely. These are great resources for those working in a virtual environment.
This video examines the future of workplace communication.
This article discusses team collaboration in a remote environment.
• Waters, S. (2021, May 18th). The success behind virtual teams: The ultimate guide. BetterUp.
This video discusses the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication when working in a virtual workplace environment.

Unit 7 DB: Managing Conflict Resolution

For this discussion, complete the interactive Handling Conflict Like a Pro.
Handling Conflict Like a Pro
Initial Response:

After completing the activity, respond to the following:
• Provide a brief overview of the conflict that is happening in the activity.
• Which conflict resolution strategy would you have used to find a solution to this problem? Which conflict resolution strategy do you feel is least effective in finding a solution to this problem? Why? Explain your reasoning for both.

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