Communication in Healthcare

Please note: You will be responsible for the first 22 minutes of this video. The remaining 40 minutes of Q&A are optional.
Create a “healthcare communication.”
Consider the video “Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End,” class discussion and your own experience as discussed in the module’s Memory Check.
Pick a role: Patient, doctor, nurse, administrator, family member, quality manager, IT support tech, lab tech, insurance executive, politician — any role with a healthcare connection. Create your communication from that role.
Here are some ideas:
• An announcement or policy bulletin for healthcare staff about shared decision making with patients.
• A complaint or compliment letter from the family member of a person in a long term care facility describing a situation dependent on solid communication.
• A video tutorial from IT on how to use technology to support better communication between caregivers.
• A politician’s speech about a new bill (you create the bill) that addresses patient engagement in healthcare
• A role playing video (play all parts, grab a friend or use animation) demonstrating a good communication interaction vs. a bad one
The objective is to make a positive impact on something in healthcare through this communication. A written submission should be between 2-3 pages

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