Common Assessment Content and Instructions

Marketing Plan

The instructor will assign a specific industry to each student to develop an abridged marketing plan for this industry and one of its brands in the UAE.

The abridged marketing plan should be guided by the following outline:

  1. Title Page: 

Please make sure that you write.

  • The industry and the brand names 
  • Course name and the CRN number
  • Industry Overview 

This section should include

  • Size of the industry in the UAE (preferably revenue data)
  • Growth of the industry over the past 3 years in the UAE.

Industry overview can be done using reports from Euromonitor and Statista databases. Although this section is related to the industry overview, you may briefly refer to the allocated brand as well.

  • External Environmental Analysis

You need to specify at least two facts for each environmental factor and explain whether each fact is considered as an Opportunity or Threats for the industry and why, this should be supported by appropriate secondary resources. You are also required to explain how can this fact impact the industry?

  • Demographic Environment
  • Economic Environment
  • Cultural Environment
  • Political Environment
  • Technological Environment
  • Natural Environment
  • Summary of the External Environmental Analysis by outlining the facts in terms of Threats and Opportunities in a table. 

An example related to the chocolate bar industry:

Cultural Environment: Consumers state that they would be willing to pay more for healthier food that is GMO free, free of artificial sweeteners and colorants (Gagliardi, 2015). This would pose a THREAT to the chocolate bar industry as research indicates that consumers gravitate towards healthier food consumption regardless of its premium pricing and would thus be hesitant to purchase and consume chocolates that are perceived as unhealthy food options. This cultural trend would have a subsequent negative impact on the industry’s overall sales

The Marketing Plan Format

The marketing plan should be 

  • No more than 7 pages 
  • Use Times New Roman 11-point font with double spaced. 
  • Include page numbers. 
  • Use heading and subheadings as well as section numbers  
  • It is required that each student should write and develop their project in a Google Document for the duration of the project (and keep it for one month after final grade) using their Google Accounts. All work must be completed and organically developed within that document (nothing should be pasted from another document). You must be signed in to your own Gmail account when editing. The student has to share the link to the Google Document with their instructor also provide the link at the submission. Failure to follow these instructions or the inability to produce these aforementioned materials at the request of your instructor or Department Chair can result in a 0 grade for your submission or an academic misconduct finding. 

The Marketing Plan Submission 

  • This Marketing Plan should be submitted through SafeAssign in a Microsoft Word document. 
  • The link to the Google Document should be provided at the submission.  
  • The students have three weeks to complete the marketing plan from the time they know which industry to work on 
  • Reports containing plagiarism will be awarded zero and this will be reported for academic dishonesty.

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