Clinical Counseling Theories


You have learned about numerous counseling theories and have also gotten to know The Miller family (Neukrug, 2018). You have also examined the importance of being ethically and culturally competent when applying counseling theories with clients. In this project, you will have the opportunity to pull these pieces together into a comprehensive theoretical case review and application with one member of The Miller family.

Using the final project template, you will identify and discuss clinical interest, ethical considerations, cultural considerations, clinical foci, case conceptualization, and a counseling plan for the character you have selected. You will need to demonstrate that your thoughts and points are informed by scholarly sources just as professional counselors need to utilize evidence-based theories and techniques.

-Please use Scholarly sources published no later than 2017.

Note: you have completed several assignments already in the course where you applied a specific theory with a specific member of the Miller family (e.g. Jake and Psychoanalytic or Adlerian theory). For this assignment, you MAY NOT repeat the same theory with the same family member that you have already used for a previous assignment.

Already Used Theories:

Jake Miller, Psychoanalytic or Individual Psychology (Adlerian) theory

Markus Miller, Reality theory

Ann Miller, Relational-Cultural Theory or Feminist Theory

Angela miller, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

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