Clinical Analysis on a Patient

You are rounding on a 86 year old male who was admitted 24 hours ago for urosepsis and confusion. The patient has been admitted to the observation area. Please review the medical record and develop a tentative discharge plan. Carefully note each colored tab in the medical record. As the Case Manager you are responsible for taking all information into consideration including the laboratory results. The discharge plan should be no greater than three pages excluding the cover and reference page. APA format is required but an abstract is not required.
According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality nearly 20% of patients experience an adverse event within 30 days of discharge. The majority of these problems could have been prevented or reduced in severity. Using the attached framework or an alternate approach from your research please develop your plan to include:

  1. Identify if the patient is stable for discharge home or if the patient needs placement. Defend your your plan with details regarding why you chose that path. Incorporate all stakeholders; Patient, family interdisciplinary team, agency and insurer.
  2. Discuss resources that may be available to the patient at home or at a facility, explaining how the resource will be beneficial.
  3. Outline information that you will need from the patient, family, interdisciplinary team, and insurers to complete your discharge plan. (Your patient wants to go home, the family refuses to take him home and the hospital needs to make a decision if this patient meets criteria for continuing stay)
  4. Provide a minimum of two research or review articles to support your plan.
  5. Up to 3 pages excluding cover and reference page.

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