Class Discussion Topics

Write a 100-word paragraph for each topic. Include at least one (1) reference for each of the topics. 

Topic  1 – 1

1 Many teachers begin planning by deciding on an instructional activity first and then writing objectives and assessments to fit the activity. Discuss the benefits and possible challenges of planning instruction in this manner.

Read “Understanding by Design,” by Bowen, located on the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching website (2017).

Topic  1 – 2

2 The concept of backward design starts with the goals, creation of assessments, and then development of lesson plans. Discuss the benefits and possible challenges of this curriculum design method.

Read “Backwards Planning Takes Thinking Ahead,” by Alber, located on the Edutopia website (2012).

View “High School Science Teacher Vlog #2 Curriculum Design: Backward Planning,” located on YouTube (2017).

Topic 2 – 1

3 Identify the state academic standards in your content area. (Include a link to your content area if possible.) After reading the standards, evaluate how complete and understandable they are as well as their usefulness  (My content area is middle school Math. My state is Louisiana)


Topic 2 -2

 4 In addition to state standards in STEM subjects, the Next Generation Science Standards are also referenced when creating STEM lessons. After reviewing the NGSS, discuss how Next Generation Science Standards prepare students for the rigor of college, career, and citizenship. How do the standards contribute to increased content knowledge and professional skills?

 Review the NGSS.

Topic 3 – 1 

5 How does the Depth of Knowledge framework provide guidance on how to scaffold lesson planning and writing objectives that ensure rigor in your classroom?

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels 

Read “Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels,” by Webb, located on the Wisconsin Center of Educational Research website (2006).


  Topic 3 – 2 

Is it possible for a student to master a standard without passing a related assessment? How would you know that the standard has been mastered?

Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Standards

Review the InTASC Standards.


Topic 4 – 1 

Explain differentiation in your own words. Provide examples from your own experience in the classroom and/or your field experience classroom of where you have seen differentiation put into practice.

  Topic 4 – 2 

How does differentiation benefit all students? Why is knowledge of your students, their background, family, and development critical for building and fostering a supportive and safe learning environment?

Topic 5 – 1 

Time is always of the essence during a school year. Discuss what strategies you will use when you discover an assessment following a unit did not produce acceptable scores from your students. How do you keep moving to stay on track, but also remediate where needed? What additional supports can or should you provide to students who are falling behind?

Topic 5 – 2 

Making real-world connections to the curriculum can help in creating meaningful and engaging units for students. Discuss two ways a teacher can integrate students’ interests into the curriculum when planning units.

Topic 6 – 1 

Identify ways a teacher can incorporate technology for students to demonstrate knowledge and skill. How can allowing students to use technology support the diverse needs of students?

  Topic 6 – 2 

How can teachers share student data with families in various ways to help support student achievement and self-efficacy? Research and share at least two strategies to ethically share data with families concerning their child.

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