Christian Ministry Social Media Evaluation

Select one international/national/regional Christian organization OR a local church or ministry that uses one or more social media platforms to fulfill evangelistic and outreach goals. This likely would be linked to the organization’s website. You can concentrate on just one social media platform or more than one.

Carefully evaluate the organization’s use of your chosen social media platform based on these criteria: (a) its clarity of purpose, given its apparent intended audiences and the organization’s stated evangelism and outreach goals; (b) how well the social media platform and its content are integrated with the overall website; (c) how well has the organization updated or maintained its use of the social media platform; (d) how well engaged or responsive the organization has been with those who have used the social media platform; (e) how well you believe the organization’s use of the social media platform for evangelical and social outreach purposes is consistent with biblical guidelines for communicating the Christian faith.

Develop a written report (no more than two pages or 500 words) in which you present what you found through your evaluation of the social media platform using the required evaluative criteria. Be sure to provide a link to the organization’s website/social media platform so others can view it

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