China in the Middle Ages

Part A

Think of how you could “sell” China in the Middle Ages at the Time Travel Agency. You will

write a short sales pitch, including the text for a travel brochure that encourages someone to visit that


Write 300 words . If you are not familiar with sales pitch then make your search before working on this assignment. Check that your sales pitch includes the following:

● several aspects of the region that would attract a traveler

● likely dangers the customer might encounter (these may sound like negative traits but they add

adventure to your pitch)

● descriptive wording that highlights the region’s physical and cultural attractions

● fun and engaging writing that will persuade someone to visit the region

● a good argument with logical reasoning and solid evidence that will convince people to visit the



Share your sales pitch or brochure with a friend, classmate, or a family member. Ask for some feedback.

Tell your reviewer to focus on how well the writing fits the task you were given. It should make a good

argument about why a customer would want to visit the region you’ve chosen. Your writing should be

engaging. Ask the reviewer to check on how well the writing is suited to the target audience—the

customers of the travel agency.

After you get feedback about your pitch, write a short, reflective piece about the feedback, including details from your reviewer. Make note of what was good about your pitch, areas that might need improvement, and how you would rework your pitch based on the feedback.

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