Children Welfare

This assignment will help you to apply policies and programs dealing with child protection, family preservation, permanency, and foster care; and identify and discuss how policies for children, families, and older adults can be improved using the strengths perspective.
Based on the readings assigned for this week and the Sanchez family case, complete the discussion board activity guided by the questions below. Please write 300-350-word initial post addressing the questions below.
Go to and read the Sanchez family case.

  1. What types of supports do you believe the Sanchez grandparents need in order to keep their children in kinship care?
  2. What policies and programs are needed to make that support possible?
  3. What kind of child welfare services would support possible reunification of their grandchild with his birth mother?
  4. What considerations should guide child welfare social workers engaged with the Sanchez family, as they consider their recommendations on the future of Joey’s placement?
  5. How do you think the needs of Hector and Celia Sanchez might differ from those of the majority community as they age?
  6. What sort of policy and program changes do you think would be necessary to increase involvement of Hispanic elders in senior center activities such as meals programs and recreational programs?
    Please make sure that your posts are grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. You should also cite any resources you use following APA standards.

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