Childhood Trauma


After viewing How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime Video (  complete the following assignment

Individual Assignment:

Create an APA 7th ed (3 pages). Use level headings and include an Introduction and Conclusion (6 points) 

Introduction:  In addition in your overview, including the significance of the research and why this research came about. This was discussed in the video. 

Body of the paper discuss: (14 points) 

1) How does childhood trauma affect future health outcomes? 

2) What screening tool is used to determine the health risk in the lifespan of an individual and the significance of the test scores to future health outcomes?  

3) What are the physiological and neurological changes that occur when an individual is exposed to constant trauma? 

4) Describe the screening tool used to measure health risk score and the significance of results from the ACES score. 

5) How can you use ACES to improve the overall health of your community? 

 Conclusion: wrap up your findings and your overall comments of the assignment and include how this will change your assessment practices as an RN. 

Do not copy and paste the questions as your 2nd level headings. Each question should have a individual level 2 heading.

Title and Conclusion first level headings. No level 3 headings for this paper


APA 7th ed. (title page, introduction, conclusion, reference page, at least 4 recent peer-reviewed articles (within 5 years. Your textbook is an additional resource). Title and reference page is not counted in your overall paper. See example in Canvas

Your individual paper must not have more than 10%-12% familiarization (Turnitin). If your paper shows more than 10%-12% you will have a deduction of 10% of your overall paper score.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation are considered with your final score

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