Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Based on your practice exam question results from Week 2, identify strengths and areas of opportunity and create a tailored study plan to use throughout this course to help you prepare for the national certification exam. This will serve as an action plan to help you track your goals, tasks, and progress. You will revisit and update your study plan in NRNP 6675, and you may continue to refine and use it until you take the exam.
Required Readings
• Hilt, R. J., & Nussbaum, A. M. (2016). DSM-5 pocket guide for child and adolescent mental health Links to an external site.. American Psychiatric Association Publishing.
o Chapter 14, “Psychosocial Interventions”
o Chapter 15, “Psychotherapeutic Interventions”
o Chapter 16, “Psychopharmacological Interventions “Links to an external site.
• Thapar, A., Pine, D. S., Leckman, J. F., Scott, S., Snowling, M. J., & Taylor, E. A. (2015). Rutter’s child and adolescent psychiatry (6th ed.). Wiley Blackwell.
o Chapter 43, “Pharmacological, Medically-Led and Related Treatments”
• Walden University. (n.d.). Developing SMART goals Links to an external site.. to an external site.
• Zakhari, R. (2020). The psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner certification review manual. Springer.
o Chapter 5, “Psychopharmacology”
Required Media
• CriticalThinkRx. (2019, June 9). Module 5: Links to an external site. Specific drug classes: Focus on adverse effects Links to an external site. [Video]. YouTube. to an external site.
• CriticalThinkRx. (2019, June 9). Module 2: Use of psychotropics with youth prevalence and concerns Links to an external site. [Video]. YouTube.

Reflect on your practice exam question results from Week 2. Identify content-area strengths and opportunities for improvement.
Also reflect on your overall test taking. Was the length of time allotted comfortable, or did you run out of time? Did a particular question format prove difficult?
Based on your practice test question results, and considering the national certification exam, summarize your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Note: Your grade for this Assignment will not be derived from your test results but from your self-reflection and study plan.
Create a study plan for this quarter to prepare for the certification exam, including three or four SMART goals and the tasks you need to complete to accomplish each goal. Include a timetable for accomplishing them and a description of how you will measure your progress.
Describe resources you would use to accomplish your goals and tasks, such as ways to participate in a study group or review course, mnemonics and other mental strategies, and print or online resources you could use to study.

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